Wel­come to Dudé’s Gues­t­house — your loc­al, per­son­al, and friendly gues­t­house in Jam­bi­ani, Zan­zib­ar. Stay in one of our afford­able but com­fort­able rooms and exper­i­ence the true ease of life on an island in the Indi­an Ocean, sur­roun­ded by nature and a strong loc­al com­munity.

Feel like leav­ing the stress of your every­day life behind and get­ting away from it all for a while? Explore our web­site to see what we have to offer — and then start pack­ing!

Zanzibar is home to an ever-increasing number of walled-in luxury resorts, especially on the western side of the island. Many tourists flock to these resorts and in consequence sadly completely miss out on the wonders and beauties of Zanzibar.

Jambiani is one of the few places on the island where no resorts have been built yet, and where the local people live their lives and their culture as they always have, going about their daily matters as anywhere in the world—and seeing tourists as visitors to their home, rather than reshaping their home and their world to fit the tourists.

When you stay with us, you get to experience the real Zanzibar!